The smart tool for professional performance diagnostics

Do you want to know what your athlete’s performance level is? SmarTracks Diagnostics offers effective support for assessing speed, endurance, agility, and force. No special diagnostics labs, force plates or wiry electronics required.

  • How does it work?
  • What data does it provide and what tests can you do?
  • Mobile or on a SmarTracks Location
  • Diagnostics Products

How does it work?

The wearable DX sensor picks up all the movements made by the athlete during performance tests. The software analyzes the data and visualizes the results.

This means:

  • Automatic detection of time, speed, jump height, step count, and more.
  • Automatic detection of what type of test the athlete is performing.
  • Automatic upload and visualization of performance results.
  • No more stopwatch, pen and paper.
  • No more manually compiling data overviews.
  • No expensive trips to diagnostics labs.

How to measure a run with the Diagnostics Mobile Set

What data does SmarTracks Diagnostics provide?

Timing and step information for linear sprints and endurance runs.

Agility tests
Timing for Illinois Agility Test, Arrowhead Agility Test, 5-10-5 Shuttle, Custom Agility Test, Three Cone Drill.

Step frequency and number of contacts for 6 and 15 seconds of tapping.

Jump height for Squat Jump, Countermovement Jump, Drop Jump.
Ground Contact Time and Reactive Strength Index for Drop Jump.

Suitable for a wide variety of sports

SmarTracks can be used to support the individual athlete, as well as to assess team sports.
Because of the broad range of assessments it supports, Diagnostics can be used in the running disciplines of athletics such as short, medium and long-distance runs, long jump, and also team sports such as soccer, American football, volleyball, hockey, and many more.

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… view, compare and share …

  • All the data is visible in the Diagnostics software
  • Compare data over time as well as between different athletes
  • Export the data to any format, e.g. Excel

… as many athletes as you want …

  • You can test one or multiple athletes simultaneously

What tests can you do?

What does SmarTracks Diagnostics consist of?

DX Sensor

Extremely lightweight DX sensor (weighs less than 15g) with a light, elastic textile belt especially developed to avoid any hindrance. Athletes can perform runs, tappings, jumps and agility tests all in consecutive order, without having to change measuring equipment.

Diagnostics PC Software

Analyzes and visualizes the sensor data and allows you to manage and compare the results.

Timing Gates

Magnetic gates that can be detected with the DX sensor. They allow for precise time measurement up to one hundreth of a second.

Mobile or on a SmarTracks Location

Diagnostics Mobile Set

With the Diagnostics Mobile Set, you can do performance diagnostics anywhere, even in your backyard.

More information on the DX5.0 sensor Diagnostics Mobile Set Quick Start Guide
SmarTracks Locations: Timing Gates In-Ground

Diagnostics on a SmarTracks Location

If you have a SmarTracks Location nearby, you don’t need the Timing Gates Mobile. The smart surfaces of SmarTracks Locations have the Timing Gates integrated into the ground. You only need your Diagnostics software with the SmarTracks sensor-belt.

If you want to know more about the SmarTracks Locations, feel free to contact us!

More information on the Timing Gates In-Ground Map with all the SmarTracks Locations

Why SmarTracks Diagnostics offers you the best performance diagnostics tool:

  • Professional performance documentation
  • Different assessments within one system
  • Automatic detection of tests
  • Can be used anytime, anywhere

Diagnostics Products

SmarTracks Diagnostics Mobile Set (DX5.0)

Mobile performance diagnostics set for carrying out standard tests like jumps, tappings, sprints, Cooper, and agility.

The set includes the DX5.0 Diagnostics sensor, 4 Timing Gates and SmarTracks Diagnostics software. You can also use the DX5.0 Diagnostics sensor with the free Smart Run app for measuring runs.

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