Sensor DX5.0

Wireless connection with our newest sensor

The DX5.0 takes a giant leap from the DX3.5, with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology.
What does this mean for you?

Wireless connection...

  • You only need your smartphone and the DX5.0 sensor-belt to measure a run
  • You see your run data immediately after your run
  • You can start and stop the sensor with your smartphone

...with perfect data quality

  • Gives high-quality data due to lossless data compression
  • Supports timing and full performance diagnostics
  • Offers unparallelled timing precision
  • Connect to your Smart Run app
  • Continued support for SmarTracks Diagnostics
  • Technical information about the sensor
  • FAQ
  • Want to know more?

Connect to the Smart Run app

We have expanded our Smart Run app in a way that it can connect to the DX5.0.
This means that you can run with the sensor and then see your results immediately after your run.

Continued support for SmarTracks Diagnostics

You can use the DX5.0 with the Diagnostics software to do performance diagnostics. This includes runs, agility, tappings and jumps. This Diagnostics service is not wireless yet, and works over USB connection with a computer.

Technical information about the DX5.0

  • Weighs less than 15g
  • Measures up to 11 hours, depending on activity
  • Has a measurement frequency of 500Hz
  • Connects via USB and Bluetooth
  • Supports full performance diagnostics as well as accurate timing


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