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Want to improve your training efficiency? SmarTracks products offer you the tools to know exactly what your performance status is, and enables you to train smart. Whether you need a precise running app, or a complete performance diagnostics tool, SmarTracks has what you need:

Run. Track all your runs with our Smart Run app. Perfectly suited for tracking runs on tracks. Connects with the unique timing technology of SmarTracks Locations.

Diagnostics. Our cutting-edge performance diagnostics tool. The sensor can automatically detect agility tests, jump tests, endurance assessments like the Cooper test, tapping tests, and sprint tests. It is perfect for performance diagnostics of a large number of people, for example in track-and-field and team sports.

Timing Gates. The SmarTracks Timing Gates are a wireless, durable and deceivingly easy time-tracking tool. Both the Run app and the Diagnostics system are able to record the passing of a SmarTracks Timing Gate with 0:01sec precision. They can be used anywhere in their mobile version, or you can have them integrated and ready to use in running tracks and sports fields.