Timing Gates

Smart gates for precise time registration

The SmarTracks Timing Gates are magnetic gates which allow for precise time measurement up to the millisecond. In comparison to other time measurement systems such as infrared sensors, the SmarTracks Timing Gates are precise, robust, durable and exceptionally easy to set up. In combination with our Diagnostics system or with the free Athlete app, the Timing Gates allow for a precise data analysis of performance tests, whether on the running track or on the sports field.

One Timing Gate, two types

Timing Gates In-Ground

With our Timing Gates In-Ground, we have developed the ideal solution to ensure long-lasting and versatile timing equipment.

The Timing Gates In-Ground are located below the surface of a track and are therefore not in the way of athletes or coaches. The Timing Gates can be easily integrated into new or existing running tracks since the individual magnetic gates are simply let into the running track at defined intervals, after which the boreholes created in this process are then properly resealed. After integration, the Timing Gates In-Ground are entirely maintenance-free.

Solid integration into a track offers certain advantages, such as 100% protection against vandalism and extreme weather conditions. In contrast to other measuring systems, assembly and disassembly are completely eliminated and measurements can be started within a very short time with the help of our tried-and-tested SmarTracks Diagnostics system or our running app, SmarTracks Athlete.

In addition, you can combine the Timing Gates In-Ground with our Timing Gates Mobile, which makes it possible to display certain specific distances in a higher resolution and thus to create an even better data output.

Timing Gates Mobile

Timing Gates Mobile consists of wireless, individual units that you can placed where needed. Because of the robust and uncomplicated design, the Timing Gates Mobile are easy to set up. The gates do not contain sensitive electronics and are tolerant against humidity and dirt.

Our Timing Gates Mobile are extremely fast to set up and can be used individually. They allow, among other things, the measurement of agility tests or sport-specific sprint intervals. You can place the gates everywhere, on the running track or on the sports field.

Why SmarTracks Timing Gates offers the easiest and most precise timing system:

  • Cutting-edge magnetic timing technology
  • Easy setup without electronic wiring
  • Resistant against vandalism and extreme weather conditions
  • Usable with the Athlete app as well as the Diagnostics system