Smart Run

The timing app for track runs

The Smart Run app gives you the accurate running data you need. Smart Run is a running app for short-, medium- and long-distance running.
The app has unique timing technology when using it on a SmarTracks Location. All over the world, tracks are being built with the timing technology of the future.
With this app, you can use that timing technology for free.

How does it work?

For on-track running on a SmarTracks Location, Smart Run communicates with the track’s underground Timing Gates. This makes it uniquely suitable for training short- and medium distance running.

Simply put the smartphone on the lower back, and the app will measure all information you need to perfect your training. After your run, you see your results immediately.

How to measure a run with the Smart Run app

Track Run

If you run on a SmarTracks Location, choose the Track Run option. It will give you:

  • distance
  • time [0.01 sec]
  • speed
  • number of steps
  • step frequency
  • accurate interval data
  • heartrate (when connected to a heartrate device).

The app has a built-in SmarTracks Location finder, where you can see the nearest track.

Trail Run

If you run on the street or a running track without our Timing Gates, choose the Trail Run option. It will give you:

  • distance
  • time
  • speed
  • step frequency
  • heartrate (when connected to a heartrate device).

When using the Trail Run, the app uses GPS data instead of Timing Gates.

Advantages at a glance

  • Perfectly suited for short- and middle-distance track runs
  • Provides 5m split times [0.01 sec]
  • No special timing equipment required
  • Unique timing technology
  • Free app

Livestream timing with the DX5.0 sensor

If you have our new DX5.0 sensor, you can use the Smart Run app to receive livestream timing information. You can see your results in the app or online. More information on the DX5.0 here.



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