Cooper Test

The Cooper test is a test to determine the aerobic load capacity with the aim of reaching the maximum possible distance in 12 minutes.

The performance of this test on a standardised running track, i.e. 400m outdoor laps or 200m indoor laps, ensures the most comparable results.

Setting up the course field

Do you use Timing Gates Mobile?
We recommend that you start at the 100m finish line or another fixed point on your route and from there set up the Timing Gates Mobile at fixed intervals, e.g. every 100m.

On a SmarTracks location: You can start your run at any gate.

How to perform the Cooper Test

The software automatically detects any run that lasts at least 8 or 12 minutes as a Cooper test.

– The runner starts from the starting position, 1m before a timing gate.
– Before and after each run, a standing time of at least 1 second should be observed. This allows the sensor to detect the beginning and end of the exercise.

This is how you find the test results in the software

The test results are displayed in the Diagnostics software under the “Runs” tab.