An athlete’s ability to sprint is crucial in many sports, especially in competition. With SmarTracks you can record any distance, even with intervals as close as 5 meters.

Setting up the course field

You run with Timing Gates Mobile?
We recommend that you start at the 100m finish line or another fixed point on your track/field and from there place the mobile gates at the desired distances.

Are you running at a SmarTracks location?
You can start at any gate! The intervals depend on the integrated gate pattern of your SmarTracks location. You can find all locations’ gate pattern in the free SmarTracks Run app or on the SmarTracks Locations page.

– The runner starts from the starting position, 1m before a timing gate.
– Before and after each run a standing time of at least 1 second should be observed. This allows the sensor to detect the beginning and end of the exercise.

How to find the test results in the software
The test results are displayed in the Diagnostics Software under the tab “Runs”.