SmarTracks – Vameval Events

To take the test and track your run, you’ll need to register as a SmarTracks user.

Just provide your email and create a password. You’ll use these details later to log in to the measuring device and track your run. If you’re already a SmarTracks user, just make sure you’re signed up for the desired event.

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To attend the event, please sign up for the specific event you wish to join.

This step is essential for receiving your run report later on.

Enjoyed running with our app and receiving running analysis?

Ready to start using SmarTracks? Download our free Smart Run app for Android, iOS, and Huawei. Run with the app and measure your runs at any SmartTracks location worldwide. Simply grab a smartphone belt and locate your nearest location to get started. If you’re not near a location, you can also utilize mobile gates. For further information, visit:

View your Run Report

Thank you for taking part in our Vameval Event! You’ve done amazing! Click the button below to access your running data:

Explore Vameval Test Running Instructions

To find out how the Vameval test works, you can click on the button below.

Want to find the closest SmarTracks location to you?

Utilize our location finder to identify where we’ve integrated magnetic timing gates for precise running tracking.

Is there a problem with your measurement?

If there is a problem with your measurement at the event, and you are unable to obtain a results report, you can use our calculator tool to calculate your VO2max. Therefore, you’ll need to remember either your last speed level or total running time. While this value may not be scientifically precise, it can still provide you with an indication of your current status.