Log in to your SmarTracks account with your e-mail address and password.

Forgot your password?

Go to the SmarTracks booth. You’ll receive a one-time code. Click on „forgot password“. Enter your e-mail address and the one-time code. You’ll be logged in.

Check the white box at the top to see if it displays „Laps, 1, CCW“.

If it does not display the option above, select „Laps“, Lane 1, CCW“. Then click on the check mark.

  1. Put the phone in the running belt.

  2. Start the measurement in the Smart Run app.

  3. Position the running belt so that it’s tight (you may need an extra clip).

  4. Visual check with smartphone on back :

    a. The running belt is tight

    b. No keys in the pockets

  5. Go to the starting position (1 m before the 1st Timing gate), do not run.

  6. Keep running during the test and don’t stop. If you’re too fast, slow down.

  7. At the end of the test, you must stand still for one second, then remove the belt and press STOP.

  8. Once you’ve completed your run, return to the SmarTracks stand.

Start the measurement by clicking on the orange button with the runner.

To calibrate your smartphone, move it in a loop. Do not start measuring until the calibration test indicates „medium“ or „high“.

As soon as the calibration check indicates „high“, you can start your measurement. Then click on „Start Run“.

Ignore the countdown. You can get ready for your run.

If you see the following measurement window, you can be sure that your measurement is active.

After your run, you can click on „Stop“ in the measurement window to stop the measurement.

You’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to stop your measurement. Click on „Yes“. Your measurement has now been successfully completed.

Once you’ve completed the measurement, you’ll be taken to the next window. Your results will soon be available online, but first your data must be uploaded correctly. Please note the status below. If you see an orange dot, please go to the SmarTracks stand.

If you see a green dot, all is well and you can click on the orange button with „send my results by email“.

You’ll be asked one last time if you’re sure you want to finish. If you’ve checked everything correctly as described above, click „Ok“. You’ll be automatically logged out. Check your e-mail inbox. You’ll find all the information you need there.